The Media supply us social, political, economic, industrial, agricultural, educational, domestic and international information and news, through the print and electronic means.

There are numerous local, regional, and national newspapers and television channels serving to the media, and they employ a large number of people and professionals for the various departments and at several positions. Therefore, there is wide-ranging scope for the employment in this media/journalism sector, for people of diverse qualifications, talents, experiences, and expertise.

The careers in the media/journalism sector are illustrious, well-Connected, influential, and ever- growing and offer ample opportunity to serve all the people, great and small.

Desired Qualifications- Graduation or post-graduation degree in journalism/mass communication is highly appreciated in this field. Specialized training or experience is an added advantage. Media professionals should have an analytical and nimble mind, will power, able to organize their thoughts and to express themselves clearly and effectively.
The Advertising is brand building process of a product, idea, thought or even a service, through effective mediums of communication. From newspapers, magazines, posters, signboards, bills to the commercials on radio, television and even Internet, advertising has come a long way.
Business organizations, political organizations, social organizations, all find it important to advertise in order to influence public opinion. Since advertising is a service sector, the reputation of the ad agency depends upon the effective work being done and campaigns released from time to time. This makes the job even more challenging. With the advent of the multinational companies, more and more Gulf agencies are tying up with the foreign agencies to pitch for global clients, which are clearly indicative of high growth in coming years in this sector.


Recruitment for oil & gas industry
Recruitment for air conditioning
Recruitment for agricultural industry
Recruitment for auromotive industry
Recruitment for import /export
Recruitment for aviation/airline industry
Recruitment for banking, insurance
Recruitment for construction industry
Recruitment for Engineering
Recruitment for hospitality sector
Recruitment for medical industry
Recruitment for security industry
Recruitment for retail industry
Recruitment for telecommunication
Recruitment for purchase supply chain
Recruitment for real estate industry
Recruitment for publishing and translation
Recruitment for marketing & business
Recruitment for public relations industry
Recruitment for interiors industry
Recruitment for restaurant /hotels
Recruitment for corporate planning
Recruitment for biotech industry
Recruitment for media /communication
Recruitment for architecture
Recruitment for safety /risk manage
Recruitment for manufacturing
Recruitment for engineering /cam industry
Recruitment for law and consultancy
Recruitment for shipping and marine
Recruitment for office administration
Recruitment for call centers


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