Automotive industry is perhaps one of the world's largest industries. This sector ranges from taxis to trucks to airplanes, trains, ships, barges, pipelines, warehouses and logistics services.
The automotive industry designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells the world's motor vehicles.

This sector commands a large number of diverse professionals from different fields, both in governmental and private sector.

various departments thousands of degree and diploma holders from the automobile, mechanical, metallurgical, and other engineering fields, and various erudite professionals of other diverse fields, and staff doing ancillary jobs.

Desire Qualification- A high school, diploma or its equivalent is the desirable educational requirement for general section, but in the specialized section engineering degree or professional degree especially in automobile, mechanical, computer or management is desirable. Good communication skills, practical Intelligence, physical Energy and Stamina, Management Abilities, Ability to work hard and for irregular hours etc. are highly desirable qualities.
The following are a few of the popular job categories in this segment:

•  Motor Technicians
•  Design Engineer
•  Industry Approved Panel Beater
•  Sales Person
•  Petrol / Diesel Technicians
•  Drivers
•  Mechanics
•  Painters
•  Auto Electricians
•  Electrician
•  Radiator Mechanics



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