The importance of banking ,insurance and finance sector is pivotal in the progress and prosperity of any State or country. The economic progress and prosperity comes from the well-rounded development and an impeccable banking management. Banks in general, governmental and private, have eased our financial transactions, security, and facilitated greatly the funding for establishing a business or industry.

Now, banks are highly sophisticated using the boons and tools of Technological developments, and hence, provide more services, convenience, and comfort to the customers, such as:
» Online banking
» Investment banking
» Electronic banking
» Internet banking
» Pc banking/mobile banking
» E-banking

Banking ,insurance and Finance professionals with higher qualifications hold key and pivotal positions across all sectors of industry and commerce.

They are privileged to work in the entertainment industry, the arts, the health industry, charities, welfare organizations and education. They also work in all aspects of governmental and non-governmental administrations from local to federal levels.
Career as an insurance and finance professional could include any of these profiles :
. Public practice (providing accounting services to clients)
. strategic business planning
. cost and management accounting
. stock broking
. auditing
. insurance
. business consulting & corporate planning
. insolvency and reconstruction
. management consulting
. treasury
. taxation
. information systems
. mergers, acquisitions and corporate reconstructions
. foreign exchange
. financial planning
. superannuation
. manufacturing management



Recruitment for oil & gas industry
Recruitment for air conditioning
Recruitment for agricultural industry
Recruitment for auromotive industry
Recruitment for import /export
Recruitment for aviation/airline industry
Recruitment for banking, insurance
Recruitment for construction industry
Recruitment for Engineering
Recruitment for hospitality sector
Recruitment for medical industry
Recruitment for security industry
Recruitment for retail industry
Recruitment for telecommunication
Recruitment for purchase supply chain
Recruitment for real estate industry
Recruitment for publishing and translation
Recruitment for marketing & business
Recruitment for public relations industry
Recruitment for interiors industry
Recruitment for restaurant /hotels
Recruitment for corporate planning
Recruitment for biotech industry
Recruitment for media /communication
Recruitment for architecture
Recruitment for safety /risk manage
Recruitment for manufacturing
Recruitment for engineering /cam industry
Recruitment for law and consultancy
Recruitment for shipping and marine
Recruitment for office administration
Recruitment for call centers


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