Manpower Deployment Specialist from Morocco
HR Connect is a Manpower deployment Agency in Morocco.
HR Connect has grown in leaps and bounds, mobilizing manpower and personnel from Morocco to the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman).
HR Connect, the flagship Recruitment Moroccan company is most conveniently situated in the heart of Casablanca- Morocco, and is well equipped with all modern communication systems like computers, E-mail, fax, copier and telephones to serve the clients in a professional and service oriented way.
At HR Connect, we maintain an Online Data Bank of highly qualified Moroccan professionals, skilled and semi-skilled personnel from Morocco which gives our clients the freedom to pick and choose prospective candidates at the convenience of sitting at their own office. Our Moroccan Recruitment consultants / coordinators pre-screen the candidates from the existing database and advertisements, which saves our clients time & money and give them the right candidate for the right job.
At HR Connect, we maintain an active and current file of tested proven skilled craftsmen of all categories who have previously worked abroad or fresh and can be supplied to our clients at a moment’s notice and that too at very reasonable salaries.
Moreover, it is the practice at HR Connect to visit your job sites and offices, to assist with any problems with regards to recruiting Moroccan personnel or to be of help in any way possible. This helps us to maintain a cordial relationship with our clients, whose faith, trust and lasting friendship is what we value the most. As the success of your projects depends a great deal on your having competent Moroccan professionals and workforce,
At HR Connect you can be rest assured that once you are associated with us you will be greeted promptly, attended to courteously and have your work done as quickly as possible.
HR Connect------ because you deserve to employ only the best Moroccains.


Hospitality Recruitment
Sales Recruitment
Airlines Recruitment
Nurses Recruitment
Doctors Recruitment


Mobile:+212 663 73 76 83
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